6. Worksafe Rigging Licences - please read for further information


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We have suspended the HRW in Rigging licences at the moment, due to the changes by the workplace safety authority australia. The new course structures and requirements under the training criteria was much more construction based. The implication was ie...some larger tafes had to get gov grants for over 2.5mil to fund the new equipment required to run the courses.

these changes not only effected our industry but many other "specialty" industries.
Tiny is and has been in discussions with worksafe directly in relation to the effect this has had on training for our industry.

currently worksafe's suggestion is that people obtain their HRW licence at a tafe or the like ( yes construction based) and further their education by then doing our Entertainment Rigging course.

Showtech training are working with other local RTO's to still offer HRW licences training and will announce further information soon.

We hope that by Tiny working with worksafe other industries such as ours will be recognised more completly in future revisions, which are due out in 2018.

So we are still registerred to train in HRW rigging licences but under the current guidelines chosen to suspend them as have many other RTO's

so we are working on it constantly to provide
 HRW licencing for the entertainment industry.


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