1. Entertainment Rigging For Technicians & Performers


This Course is designed specifically for those who wish to gain more knowledge in entertainment rigging.

It is perfect for circus performers, technicians, venue managers, and event managers

It is also suggested by Worksafe Vic that you complete this course if you wish to then go on and gain your HRW licence in Rigging.

Entry Requirements
Minimum requirement Spoken and written English
Minimum age 18 years.

Duration: 16 hours = 2 x 8 hour days starting at 08:00 each day

Location:- At Showtech Australia 15 Capital Crt Braeside (or at the clients venue or location with prior discussion)

Fee: $500.00 per person excluding gst

plus any additional travel, accommodation costs for interstate or overseas

Course capacity:
Minimum 8 persons, maximum 12 persons if conducted at Showtech
15 persons (if at the clients venue) per course day


  • Site & enviroment control    How an enviroment effects the way you do your job

  • Safe working loads    learn what is a safe working load and how is it calculated

  • Rated equipment    Learn what rated equipment is and how to identify equipment

  • Knots    Learn 3 fundamental knots

  •  Spansets    Learn about spansets and their uses

  • Shackles & other fittings    Learn about shackles and fittings and their uses

  • Truss    Learn about truss, its uses and the correct and safe way to use truss

  • Weights table    Identify why weights are so important

  • Loads table    Learn why loads limits are important

  • Manual handling    Learn the hazards associated with manual handling and what it means within the industry

  • Introduction to Occupational Health and safety    What is OHS and why is it so important

  •  Workcover    What is workcover, what are workcover inspectors, what are the responsibilities of an individual or company

  •  Licences    What licences do I need, learn abut what each of the different licences qualify you for and why you need them


What to bring:-

Notebook & pens


Capped boots

Visibility vest

Hard hat/ Helmet


This Course is NOT the workafe  licence in Rigging and perfect for those do not want their federal workcover licences, or as a pre-course to the worksafe rigging licence


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