SELF RETRACTING LIFELINES - Ultra-Lok™ RSQ Cable SRL’s - 15 m of 5 mm stainless steel cable, with 2100044stainless steel swivel snap hook (self rescue capability)




  • RSQ™ dual-mode design
  • Rugged and extremely lightweight thermoplastic housing
  • Semi-sealed design
  • 15m of 5mm stainless steel cable lifeline
  • Stainless steel dynamic components
  • Internal energy absorption system
  • Anti-ratcheting twin disk brake system
  • Constant moving brake system pawls
  • Swiveling anchorage point
  • Stainless steel swiveling snap hook with impact indicator
  • Reserve lifeline system
  • Ergonomic cable handle equipped with i-Safe™
Capacity 141 kg
Sub Brand Ultra-Lok™
Size 15 m
iSafe Equipped Yes
Lifeline Length 15 m
Model 3504555
Physical Dimensions 29.70x23.20x15.10 (cm)
Physical Weight 6.80 kg (15.0lbs)
Product Styles Single Lifeline
Product Types Standard/Traditional RSQ™ Dual-Mode
Housing Type Thermoplastic
Lifeline Type Stainless Steel Cable
Mounting Type Block to Anchor Point
Weight Group 4.5 kg
Standards AS/NZS 1891.3

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